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    Regan Hendricks, BA

    Public Relations and Operations Coordinator

    As the Public Relations and Operations Coordinator at Paris Counseling, I am passionate about enhancing our visibility and outreach. I manage all of our social media accounts, creating engaging and relevant content that resonates with our audience.

    In addition to my social media responsibilities, I help handle our podcast production by editing and scheduling each episode. I also design a variety of marketing materials, including flyers, postcards, journals, bookmarks, and more, all highlighting the range of services Paris Counseling has to offer. I am also dedicated to marketing our children’s book series, ‘Going to Kindergarten with G.’ Promoting this series has been particularly rewarding as it helps teachers, parents, and children navigate to kindergarten with valuable resources. Working closely with our owner, Randi Paris, I help steer the company towards growth and success. When I’m not busy behind the scenes, I enjoy finding inspiration for our next big idea!