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    Group Therapy

    Social-Emotional Learning Groups for Tweens and Teens

    What is Social-Emotional Learning?

    Social-Emotional Learning, or SEL, is the process of teaching certain skills to kids of all ages in order to help them process their emotions and learn to navigate their changing lives.  By teaching coping skills, self-awareness concepts, and emotion regulation, tweens and teens begin to understand not only themselves, but how they relate to the world around them.

    These skills can help guide them as they navigate peer relationships, familial relationships, their education, and eventually their young adulthood. Social-Emotional Learning promotes managing emotions, goal setting, managing fears and anxiety, perseverance, and developing self confidence.

    Social-Emotional Learning Groups are offered by Paris Counseling as a gentle way to teach these coping and self-management strategies to adolescents in a fun, non-threatening way.  SEL Groups offer a fun, interactive yet safe space for tweens and teens to open up, share their feelings, fears, and joys, and process the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

    Groups are offered by age/grade level, and can be determined by the needs of the school/organization. Trusting relationships are vital to SEL groups; Paris Counseling wants to work with you to find what fits best for your organization. Our group facilitators use a current understanding of how the typical teen brain works to develop impactful curriculum to help adolescents understand their emotions and how to best navigate the path to adulthood.

    Growing up is hard. Paris Counseling is here to help your adolescents gain the insight and skills needed to grow into healthy, strong, successful adults.

    We look forward to speaking with you regarding SEL groups for your organization!