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    Melodi Ingalls, M.Psych

    Creative Content Creator

    I believe we must look at the whole person and all aspects of our life to truly find our healthiest selves. My approach is focused on the mind, body, and spirit. I am a certified holistic nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology. I am also a wife, mom, employee, daughter, teammate, journalist, and author. With decades of experience working with children, teens and adults, my goal is to help you feel your best and live your life excited for each day.

    Every person on the planet experiences ups and downs, good times and bad, and difficult situations or transitions; finding your inner strength and learning to navigate what life throws at you can be tough. You may not even be able express why you feel “off” at times. Our brains have a funny way of allowing us to hide our true emotions; we may be harboring emotions such as grief, frustration, depression, anger, exhaustion, or fear. Suppressing these emotions can lead to not only poor mental health, but poor physical health as well.

    My objective as a wellness coach is to find the therapeutic tools and solutions that fit you in your current season of life. I can help you learn how to break old and unwanted patterns in your life, and help you create new, healthier habits. I welcome a 15-minute phone call to see if I am the right fit for you!

    **If you want to work with me, please include my name in the comment box**